List of Research Projects of NIFTEM

Ph.D(2013-16) Deptt of Agricultural and Environmental Science (AES)

S. No.Research Topic
1Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in processed food, beverages and kitchen exhaust
2Studies on Preventive Measures to Reduce the Post- Harvest Losses during Storage in Onion (Allium CepaL.)

Ph.D (2013-16) Deptt. of Food Business and Management (FBM)

S. No.Research Topic
1Impact assessment of marketing strategy on E-sales and value added services
2Structure of Microfinance Institution and their impact on Self Help Group

Ph.D(2013-16). Deptt of Basics and Applied Sciences (BAS)

S. No.Research Topic
1Studies on enhancement of shelf life of different flours using gamma irradiation technique and its effects on the physico-chemical properties of the flours
2Development of Microencapsulated Probiotic Formulation with Prebiotics and Evaluation of its efficacy and Product Development Characteristics.

Ph.D(2013-16) Deptt of Food Science and Technology (FST)

S. No.Research Topic
1Extraction of anthocyanin from Sohiong (Prunus nepalensis), an indigenous fruit in Meghalaya, for potential food application as natural colourant.

Ph.D(2014-17). Deptt. of Agricultural and Environmental Science (AES)

S. No.Research Topic
1Quantification of the quercetin content in the dry peel of different cultivars of onions followed by enrichment of a food product by using dry peel of prominent cultivar.
2Studies on shelf life enhancement of potential tomato varieties grown in the Haryana region by the exogenous application of different polyamines.

Ph.D (2014-17) Deptt. of FBM

S. No.Research Topic
1The assessment of consumer preference towards fasting food in National Capital Territory of Delhi and new fasting food product development
2Drivers of Intra-Industry trade : The case of Indian Processed Food Sector

Ph.D(2014-17) Deptt of Basics and Applied Sciences (BAS)

S. No.Research Topic
1Total diet study with respect of nutritional quality and safety parameters of Rohtak deivison of Haryana
2Fortification of vitamins in fuuit and milk based bevarages using encapsulation techniques and the degradation/homogenization/solubilization/stability during the period of shelf life.

Ph.D(2014-17) Deptt of Food Science and Technology (FST)

S. No.Research Topic
1Effect of microfluidization and homogenization on the physicochemical , microbial and shelf-life of fermented milk products.
2Development of nutritionally rich noodles for mid day meal by using wheat, pearly millet, soybean and sweet potato flour.
3Anti oxidant potential of Sargassum spp. And its synergies with Ulva spp. In Diabetic model

Ph.D(2014-17) Deptt. of Food Engineering

S. No.Research Topic
1Design & development of energy efficient pcm assisted solar dryer for minimizing aflatoxins in agro products
2Process development for oil extraction from Mango seed kernel
3Development of a low cost superheated steam dryer for better quality of dried fruits and vegetable products

M.Tech (2013-2015 batch), Dept. of Food Engineering (FE)

S. No.Title of the project
1Filtration of Freshly Extracted Sugarcane Juice for Jaggery Processing
2Design and Development of prototype for making stuffed paratha
3Design and development of continuous roaster for controlled roasting of food grains
4Design and Development of Ginger Peeler
5Non-destructive determination of sweetness of melons
6Development of Cashew apple beverage
7Development of machine for continuous extraction of coconut water aseptically from mature nuts
8Foam mat drying of whole egg liquid
9PCM based Solar Dryer
10Process up-gradation of kheer making for mechanized production
11Mechanized process of batter preparation for continuous ghevar making
12Development of Tomato based drink
13Design and development of cleaning equipment for milled millet
14Development of briquettes from paddy straw
15Design and Development of prototype for making stuffed paratha
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M. Tech FSCM (2013-2015 batch) Dept. of Agriculture & Environment Science (AES)

S. No.Title of the project
1Study of Post Harvest Losses of Onion.
2A detailed investigation of supply chain of winter vegetables from producer to end consumer in Kundli Area
3A study in heavy metal content in vegetable sold in Azadpur Mandi of Delhi.
4A detailed study in close supply chain of tomato-problems and possible outcomes
5Effective production planning and scheduling for ice cream production
6A study on the back end condition of street food vendors
7A study on wastage of cooked food in messes/ guest houses in Sonepat
8Comparision of Supply chain aspects in organised and unorganised sector
9Quality of vegetables grown on Yamuna bank, Delhi
10Supply chain of mushroom: A case study of Aterna village, Sonepat
11Role of peri-urban agriculture in vegetable supply chain of Delhi
12Current status of Apple Supply Chain in Fresh market.
13A detailed investigation on supply chain of milk in Sonepat area
14Study and hot-spot identification of losses in the supply chain of oranges from farm gate to consumer
15Assessment of fresh produce waste in organized retail sector
16Study of postharvest losses in the supply chain of fruits
17Supply chain of baby corn: A case study of Aterna village in Sonepat.

M. Tech (2013-2015 batch) Dept. of Food Science & Technology (FST)

S. No.Title of the project
1Studies on storage profile of loose skin shrink wrapped oranges.
2Process development for extraction and storage of pomegranate juice.
3Standardisation of traditional millet based fermented food from Tamilnadu”
4Process and product standardization for a breakfast cereals products using minor millet flour for its health benefits.
5Effects of storage conditions on process able quality of carrots
6Study on storage profile of shrink warped banana
7Study of texture improvement commodity treatments for canning pineapples slices
8Assessment of phyto-chemical stimulatory antimicrobial efficacy of basil and black paper
9Study of product and process development of Moringa oleifera enriched bread
10Utilization of underutilized millets in making sour dough bread
11Studies on process development of probiotic mango milk shake premix
12Process standardization of peas fortified whey base cheese soup for nutritional goodness
13Studies on process development of fruit soup premix base RTS.
14Studies on development of storage conditions for extension of shelf life of fresh chillies
15Process technology development of lactose hydrolyzed whey based RTS beverage
16Characterisation of low energy storage modals for onion and garlic
17Study on end product based storage ability of potato for commercial exploration
18Designing of low cost storage structure for local vendors to ensure quality meat. (FSCM) 2nd Year 2014-16 batch Deptt of Agricultural and Environmental Science (AES)

S. No.Title of the project
1A study on colour and dimensional studies for assessment of different cultivars of apple present in domestic fruit market of Delhi NCR.
2A study on loss assessment of kinnow supply chain in Hanumangarh -Abohar cluster.
3Development of osmotically impregnated anthrocynin rich aonwla candy
4A study on integration of IT for enhancing efficiency of supply chain in food sector.
5A study on the supply chain and shelf-life of diary based Probiotics in Delhi and NCR.
6Studies on nutritional and phyto-components of fresh aonla vis –a-vis processed products.
7A study on supply chain and marketing of prominent fresh fruits and vegetables in Kolkata area.
8A study on the impact of implementation of GST in sales and distribution net work of FMCG industries with particular emphasis on processed fruits and vegetables.
9A study on quality parameters of locally available Indian Yogurt in comparison to packaged yogurt with respect to shelf life.
10A study on the supply chain of input material for out bound operation of burger in RTE industry.
11A study on the extent and utilization of waste generated in the fruits and vegetable processing industries in Sonipat area.
12A study on supply chain and waste management in potato based RTE industry in Jabalpur
13A study on supply chain and loss analysis of grapes in Nashik area
14A study on supply chain analysis of sweet corn from farm to fork in Manoli area of Sonepat district
15A study on supply chain analysis of Spinach from farm to fork in village Aterna of Sonepat district
16A study on the quality analysis and supply chain of milk (Processed vs. local) available in Sonepat
17A study on the supply chain of the kiwi fruit in market of Delhi NCR (FSQM) 2nd Year 2014-16 batch Deptt of Basics and Applied Sciences (BAS)

S. No.Title of the project
1Identification, characterisation & quantification of polyphenols present in herbal tea infusions in the markets of Delhi
2Survey studies on food safety systems followed for food served at Delhi railway stations.
3Preparation of symbiotic shrikhand using Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) & galacto-oligosacccharides (GOS).
4HPLC fingerprint profiling of different brands of Chawanprash (an ayurvedic food supplement) to understand the variability in various components.
5Gap area identification in implementation of HACCP by small and medium FBOs
6Influence of stress on antibiotic resistant profile of lactic acid bacteria
7Assessment of Food safety knowledge among various Food business operators
8Study of solvatochromic dye as potential food spoilage indicator.
9Elemental analysis of food prepared using different traditional cookware
10Total diet study with respect to nutritional quality and persistant organic pollutants (Sonipat samples)
11To perform molecular epidemiology of food-borne pathogens in street foods/spices
12Quality analysis of commonly consumed packed fruit foods (FST) 2nd Year 2014-16 batch Deptt of Food Science and Technology (FST)

S. No.Title of the project
1Preparation and analysis of nutraceutically improved kaju katli
2Development of high fibre Shrikhand using orange juice leftover
3Effect of microfluidisation in manufacturing of egg mayonnaise devoid of stabilizers and emulsifiers
4Safety evaluation of microfludised fruit juice manufactured from artificially ripened fruits.
5Comparative study of debittering methods of kinnow juice
6Natural colorants stability improvement from Malta: a regional citrus fruit
7Extraction of lycopene/lutin from mandi waste
8Antioxidant potential and organoleptic evaluation of multigrain cookies incorporating flax seed (Linumusitatissimum)
9Utilisation of pineapple core fro value addition
10A comparative study of anti-oxidative potential of leaves and seeds of kokum(Garcinia Indica) and development of food products
11Formulation and optimization of liquid glucose from rich starch
12Development of multigrain Muffins
13Development of herb supplemented fruit yogurt
14Industry project at the place of internship- Protein extraction and characterisation (FPOM) 2nd Year 2014-16 batch Deptt of Food Business and Management (FBM)

S. No.Title of the project
1To study work measurement & ways to implement lean manufacturing in food processing industry (soya oil refinery) if possible by studying various constraints
2JIT applicability to balance supply chain and operations in fruit & vegetable processing industries
3Working on the improvement and implementation of Effective Maintenance and operation measures in a controlled atmosphere cold storage
4To develop a model to implement HACCP in small scale frozen industry
5Green technologies in food dehydration with emphasis on the development and use of solar natural dryers for small scale enterprise
6Comparative analysis of functioning of a sustainable and non sustainable production system
7To study the different marketing channel of onion
8Challenges for production scheduling techniques in SMEs
9Quality control as competitive tool for small scale enterprises
10Study of marketing tools of various food sector companies
11Study of production planning in peak and lean season in food industry
12Improve supply chain effectiveness in FMCG industry by benchmarking the different processes
13Implementation of lean manufacturing to increase the efficiency of overall productivity
14Efficient marketing and supply chain solution for watermelon fruit

M.Tech, FPEM 2nd year (2014-16 batch) Deptt of Food Process Engineering Management (FE)

S. No.Title of the project
1Process standardization and Equipment development for ghewar production
2Process standardization and Equipment development for kulfi production
3Process standardization and Equipment development for Stuffed Paratha
4Non Destructive testing of sweetness of water melon
5Extraction of Coconut water
6Process standardization and equipment development for kheer production
7Process standardization and equipment development Khakra making machine
8Process standardization and equipment development for Kaju Katli
9Mechanization of Mango kernel Decortication
10Mechanization of walnut decorticator
11Roasting of Food Grains
12Process standardization and equipment development Prawn Curry
13Process standardization and equipment development for Puran Poli
14Process standardization and equipment development for Khaja
15Process standardization and equipment development for Kababs
16Process standardization and equipment development Sugarcane juice
17To increase efficiency of boiler and refrigeration section of a Malt Plant
18Fermentative production of nutraceauticals

B. Tech:-

S. No.Topics of the Projects
1Study on supply chain of input materials for Burger in the RTE industry for reducing supply cost & losses.
2Development of Multi grain Gajak.
3Market survey for acceptance towards sterilized flavored milk
4Concept development & testing of fortified baked products including product development & test marketing.
5Crisis management case study on Nestle Maggi
6Physiochemical properties of spray dried seera (fermented traditional product of himachal pradesh) bakery confectionary.
7Vacuum & freeze drying of spices mix
8Standardization of flavored green coriander salt (Dhaniya Namak) as a value-added product.
9Novel strategy for clarification of High polyphenol fruit juice
10Comparative study of extraction of oils using various extraction techniques and their properties.
11Comparison between solvent extraction and supercritical fluid extraction (co2) under guidance of Sh. Nitin Kumar
12Byproduct utilization of Pineapple waste
13Nutritional potential of “Moringa Oliefera” in Food Products.
14Production of Bio-diesel from barley waste.
15Optimization of fat absorption during frying of French fries.
16Development of new multipurpose nutrispread
17Development of stevia based chocolate and to assess its acceptability among consumers.
18Impact of different processing techniques on potato on the formation of Acrylamide from major precursor asparagine.
19Drying of Tomato & studying about its lycopene content.
20Study on effect of micro fluidization on rheological properties of flavored milk
21Use of spent grain for making cookies.
22Preparation of nutritive mix & shelf life study.
23NPD : Multi pulse soup pre-mix.
24Extraction of glucose from rice.
25To develop employee training modules on safety and quality in food industry “
26Development of fruit flavored tea powder.
27Spray drying of pomegranate juice & study of reconstitutional properties.
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