The unique curriculum delivers a transformational experience for MBA students. There are a total of 20 mandatory courses in MBA, which spread over four semesters. From Semester III, the program offers a range of over 30 electives, out of which at least 5 in each of III & IV Semester, need to be selected the flexibility ensuring that a student never makes a compromise with his desired area of pursuit.


Semester – I Semester – II
Code Course NameLPTCodeCourse NameLPT
MBA-101Management Process and Practices3MBA-201Marketing Management3
MBA-102Quantitative Techniques4MBA-202Financial Management3
MBA-103Managerial Economics3MBA-203International Business Management4
MBA-104Financial Accounting3MBA-204Production, Operations and Inventory Management4
MBA-105Business Communication & Personality Development4MBA-205Business Research Methods3
MBA-106Management of Information System & Application of Software4MBA-206Operations Research4
MBA-107Organizational Behaviour3MBA-207Food and Agribusiness Environment & Policy4
AES -500Village Adoption2AES -500Village Adoption2
Semester – III*Semester – IV*
CodeCourse NameLPTCodeCourse NameLPT
MBA-301Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development3MBA-401Corporate Strategy3
MBA-302Human Resource Management3MBA-402Corporate Governance3
MBA-303Business Ethics & Human Values3MBA-403Research Project8
MBA-304 Summer Internship Project, Presentation & Viva-Voce8Viva-Voce
Five Elective5X3Five Electives5X3
TotalEight (8)3200Seven (7)2900

*In addition to core courses, a student is required to choose a combination of total 5 electives (on the pattern of 2+3 or 3+2) from both specialization subjects in each of III & IV Semesters. For example, if a student selects 2 electives from the compulsory specialization FABM (Food & Agri-Business Management) and 3 electives from Marketing as second specialization in III Semester, then, in the IV Semester, he will have to choose 3 electives from FABM and 2 electives from Marketing. (Total Course Credits including both years= 114)


Compulsory: Food & Agri-Business ManagementOptional-1: Marketing
Code Course Name L P T Code Course Name L P T
FABM E-1 Food Supply Chain Management 3MKT E-1Sales Management3
FABM E-2 Food Technology and Processing Management 3 MKT E-2 Digital Marketing 3
FABM E-3 Management of Agricultural Input Marketing 3 MKT E-3 Advertising Management 3
FABM E-4 Seed Production Technology and Management 3 MKT E-4 Brand Management 3
FABM E-5 Management of Agro-Chemical Industry 3 MKT E-5 Retailing Management 3
FABM E-6 International Trade in Agri-Food Products 3 MKT E-6 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) 3
FABM E-7 Entrepreneurship Development in Food Processing 3 MKT E-7 Marketing Channels 3
FABM E-8 Rural Marketing 3 MKT E-8 Services Marketing 3
FABM E-9 Agricultural Finance 3 MKT E-9 Consumer Behaviour 3
Optional-2: Finance Optional-3: International Business
Code Course Name L P T Code Course Name L P T
FIN E-1 Security Analysis and Investment Management 3 IB E-1 International Business Environment 3
FIN E-2 Management of Financial Services 3 IB E-2 International Trade and Policy Framework 3
FIN E-3 Bank Management & Insurance 3 IB E-3 International Financial System 3
FIN E-4 Carbon Finance 3 IB E-4 International Trade Practices, Procedures & Documentation 3
FIN E-5 International Financial Management 3 IB E-5 International Supply Chain Management and Logistics 3
FIN E-6 Corporate Taxation 3 IB E-6 International Advertising and Brand Management 3
FIN E-7 Financial Derivatives 3 IB E-7 International Marketing Research and Consumer Behaviour 3
FIN E-8 Risk Management and Insurance 3

* Minimum strength is required to opt a subject