Contract Research Organization

At NIFTEM will foster an ecosystem of sustainable collaborative research with industries (including large and small, start-ups and non-profit organizations) and renowned academic and research institutes (nationally and internationally) that will promote “open innovation” research perspective for entrepreneurial development activities and technology related areas. We will be working at length, to fulfil the finance management and administrative support, offer IPR protection for technologies developed and transferred, know-how and organise collaborative workshops to open gateways for future sustainable R&D initiatives.


Research projects with industry are different from projects funded by government agencies or departments. NIFTEMs research policies and processes at centre will manage research contracts and grants within a framework of extensive and well-defined federal regulations. By contrast, industry sponsored research will be more flexible, and these contracts may need negotiations to balance the parties’ interests.


Our mission is to act as an effective Interface for translating the academic research and innovation to Industry while promoting and sustaining commercialization of Science and Technology in the Institute for mutual benefits.


Collaborations involving academic institutions and industry partners will follow certain objectives:

Complementing competences, knowledge and technologies to advance research and development.

Obtaining access to resources that are available only from specific partners (NIFTEM will provide laboratories and pilot plant facilities while industries will provide machinery or necessary arrangements)

Broadening the scope of the innovation process.

Exploiting existing intellectual property (IP) through inclusion of specific competences;

Attaining critical mass to address complex projects.

Expert Profile

Food Engineering

Product development, Bio-waste utilization, Shelf life enhancement

Fruits and Vegetable Processing, Drying technology

Product development in bakery and reformulation and bakery setup

Food Process Engineering, Cereal processing, Heat processing (Drying and Roasting), Germination, Modification of Starch

3D Food Printing, Ohmic heating and Pulsed Electric Field applications

Design and development of sensors for food industry

Food Engineering

DPR preparation, new product development, setting up food/dairy manufacturing plant

Food Engineering

Food Engineering

Food Science and Technology

Nutraceuticals/ Functional Foods/ Product Development

Efficacy, Nutritional claims and Toxicological/Safety studies: food/beverages/nutraceuticals/food ingredients/additives. Meat, Poultry and Fish Processing and Technology: New product development and Quality evaluation

Cryogenic Grinding of Spices, Food Powder & Particle Engineering, Food Bioactives & Functionality, Oil Stability, Food Flavors

Dairy (Cheese and cheese based products), Whey based products, Fermented Dairy products, Functional foods, Indigenous dairy Products, New product development

Drying, Heat and Mass Transfer, Food Fictionalization

Fruits and Vegetable Processing, Bakery and Confectionery, Ready To Eat Products

Fruits & Vegetable Processing esp underutilized indigenous crops in India, Nutraceuticals, Industrial and domestic plant food waste as potential bioresource for value addition and extraction of bioactive compounds.

Food and Science Technology

Food and Science Technology

Food and Science Technology

Food Powders, Surface Functionalization, Food Fortification

Basic and Applied Science

Food Sciences (nutraceuticals, functional foods, food fortification), Food technology, Shelf life improvement, Packaging and Food analytical services (Testing and Laboratory set-up)

Probiotics, Prebiotics, Development of nutracetuticals

Basic and Applied Sciences

Food Systems and its’ impact on Public Health, Food Packaging (grafted/biodegradable/edible), Extraction of Bioactive Compounds, Development of Innovative Analytical Methods

Nanomaterials applications for food safety and quality sensors, New food processing technologies development

Food safety, Microbiology of food, shelf life studies, Food biotechnology, Food fermentations

Basic and Applied Sciences

Biopolymer based Food Packaging, Encapsulation of bioactive compounds, Safety and quality of fats and oils, Enhancement of shelf-life of fats and oils using natural antioxidants

Chemical Contaminants of Food – quantification and reduction, Evaluation of prebiotic potential and preservation of the traditional ethnic foods, Quality analysis of Fried Foods, Conversion of traditional food into a processed product

Basic and Applied Sciences

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences

Design of food processing equipment, waste recycling technologies, renewable energy applications

Food contaminants, waste utilization, environmental assessment

Postharvest horticulture (packaging and storage of fruits and vegetables) new product development, Supply chain of fresh fruits and vegetables, edible coatings

Nanotechnology, Agro Bioprocessing, Packaging materials

Looking for the management of postharvest diseases using natural agents as a sustainable mean with a focus to fresh produce.

Food Business and Management and Entrepreneurship Development

Food Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development

SMEs Innovation, Impact investment, Entrepreneurial Finance, Finance

Food economics, Trade finance, Environmental finance, Business plan, Supply chain finance, Value chain finance

Agri-Food Value Chain Development, Agri-food entrepreneurship

Organizational effectiveness, Behaviour Science, Marketing Research, Emotional Maturity

Entrepreneurship specially study related to SMEs, Micro finance

Food Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development

Food Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development

Food Business Management and Entrepreneurship Development

Current Projects

Collaborating industryProject TeamSummaryCost of the project (in Lacs)Year
Indicrop Valley Pvt. Ltd.Dr. Prarabdh C. BadgujarDevelopment of hemp seed-based protein supplement & Nutri-bar: recipe formulation, storage studies, in vitro bioaccessibility, and safety assessment7.82021
M/s Interlink Foods Private LimitedDr. Komal Chauhan/Dr. Anupama Singh/Mr. Onkar BabarTo develop Ready-to-eat millet and non-millet based food products for Aaganwardi Beneficiaries and upgradation of food processing units17.182020
M/s Aeon Power Pvt. Ltd. (APPI), Ghaziabad (UP)Dr. Komal Chauhan/Dr. Neetu TanejaTo evaluate the efficacy of sanitizing product with intended applications in cleaning of various fruits and vegetables, kitchen surfaces, sink & utensils, hand cleaning and similar other applications2.92020

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