Basic and Applied Science

The Department of Basic and Applied Science encompasses different fields related to basic sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. The functional areas of the department include; Food Safety and Quality, Food and Human Nutrition, Chemical Aspects of Foods, Application of Physics in Food Processing, Food Testing (Microbiological and Chemical) and Mathematical Modelling in Food Processing.

The Functional Areas of the Department include:

Food Safety and Quality.

Chemistry of Food Products.

Biochemistry & Biochemical Reactions in Food Components.

Evaluation of Microbial Parameters in Food Products.

Evaluation of Physical & Chemical Parameters in Food Products.

Advanced Instrumental Analytical Techniques for Food Analysis.

Application of Physics for Food Analysis.

Employment Avenues

Referral Food Testing Labs as Microbiologists.

Quality Assurance in Food Industry.

Research & Development in Food and Feed Industry.

Educational Institutions.

Food Safety Officers.

Name: Prof. Manjeet Aggarwal
Qualification: Ph.D
Designation: Professor & Head of Department
Contact No.: 0130-2281078
Ext. No.: 1078